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The 'generic' can easily be copied.

Our 'particular' cannot.
Because no one else has lived it as we have.

The "GENERIC" can easily be copied. Our "PARTICULAR" cannot.  Why? Because no one else has lived it as we have. So FOOD ROOTS creates original restaurant concepts whilst remaining true to the authentic dining experience developed by people who truly lived it.

Necessarily quality comes with authenticity:  we source our products from the best small producers avoiding mass production and only for our restaurants.

Each FOOD ROOTS restaurant will guarantee a unique experience. Please have a look at our two venues!
More concepts will come soon...


With our last creation "VIA EMILIA" we wanted to focus on food products, recipes, wines that come ONLY from the Emilia-Romagna region, up north ITALY.  

This region is considered the FOOD VALLEY in Italy thanks to its famous pastas such as Tortellini, Lasagne and Bolognese.
Our signature dish is the popular GNOCCO FRITTO: a mouthwatering lightly-fried bread served as a starter along with cured meats and cheese.

Also we have each single HOME-HAND-MADE pasta dish typical of that specific city from Emilia-Romagna to be maniacally authentic.
Because we’re proud to be Italians but we’re even prouder to be from Emilia-Romagna.

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